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About the blog

What is this Blog About ?

More and more Population moves to, resides and Works in the ever growing Cities and Buildings reaching all new heights all the time. We have more lifts than ever carrying Passenger, goods and other things to the designated floors.

While so many people are zooming through the skyscrapers at High Speeds, there is very little public information or guide for a common man, Buyers, Building Planners or Designers about the Lifts and have to generally rely on their Past experience, the Building Codes or Few Elevator Companies.

This blog will try and put together information regarding the Elevators that we think is required by various People including Owners, Users, Technicians, Manufacturers, Suppliers etc.

Authors & Editors

Rohan D’Souza

Rohan is the Founder, Editor and Author of The Lift Blog. He has over 12 Years of Experience in Elevator Industry.

Rohan has executed various types of Elevators across different industries from Passenger elevators, Dumbwaiters to Flame Proof Elevators in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Setups in India, Africa, South America and Russia.

We welcome Experts from the industry to contribute to the blog. Please feel free to use the Contact us Form and we shall gladly revert at the earliest.